AmFirst Holdings, Inc. is a Mississippi holding company whose subsidiaries consist of domestic and international insurance carriers and related service companies. There are five insurance companies within the holding company system and three service companies that provide administrative services to the insurance carriers within the group. The ownership of AmFirst Holdings, Inc. is common to that of Morgan White Group, a holding company owning 12 insurance related service companies. Each of the members of the AmFirst Holdings Group provides a distinct and important role within the group.


Domicile: Oklahoma
Underwriting health and life insurance in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

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Domicile: Puerto Rico
Underwriting medical and savings products to Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Domicile: Bahamas
Offering individual insurance and savings products to the Bahamian Community.

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Domicile: Nevis
London America provides reinsurance to the group’s insurance carriers.

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Domicile: Mississippi
Property and casualty insurer focused on the mobile home industry.

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AmFirst Capital is the investment company owned by AmFirst Insurance Company.

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AMF Services, Inc is our Puerto Rican based admin­istration company.

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Info Lockbox is an online storage service offered as a bundled benefit with certain insurance products.

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AMF Holdings, Inc is the holding company for the companies based in Puerto Rico

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Organizational Chart

AmFirst Holdings Organizational Chart


Total Assets

Capital & Surplus

Gross Revenue

Net Income

Company History


Formation of Holding Company that owns AmFirst Insurance Company.


Formed OIC Holdings, Inc. owned 100% by AmFirst Holdings. AmFirst Insurance Company, Ltd. formed to write International Medical Business.


AFIC Administrators, Inc. joins the AmFirst Holdings Group.


Information Lockbox formed.


London America Insurance Company (Nevis) becomes part of the AmFirst Holdings Group.


Monitor Life Insurance Company of New York Becomes Part of the AmFirst Holdings Group.


New Providence Life Insurance Company (Nassau) becomes part of the AmFirst Holdings Group.


TPM Life Insurance Company become part of the AmFirst Holdings Group.


AmFirst Specialty Insurance Company is formed and joins the Group.


AMF Holdings, AmFirst Life Insurance Company, I.I. and AMF Services (all domiciled in Puerto Rico) become members of the AmFirst Holdings Group.


AmFirst Capital is formed. AmFirst Insurance Company, Ltd (Bermuda) cedes all of its International business to AmFirst Life (Puerto Rico). Both OIC Holdings and AmFirst Insurance Company, Ltd. discontinue operations with the introduction of the Puerto Rico operation.


TPM Life, a wholly owned subsidiary domiciled in Pennsylvania, was merged into AmFirst Insurance Company.


Monitor Life, a wholly owned subsidiary domiciled in New York, was sold to Crum & Forster.

Strength through troubled times